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Weʼre raising £10,000 to Fund our 35th appearance at Notting Hill Carnival

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Peoples World Carnival Band, is a organisation, that provides....

Carnival is deemed by many as an annual celebration of life. Carnival is celebrated in many Countries across the World, It is also believed that by learning more about carnival we may also learn more about ourselves and very importantly, a great deal about accepting and understanding other Cultures.


To put a Carnival Band together like the PWCB takes many weeks of welding; sewing; gluing; applying feathers, sequins, foil papers, glitter and lots of creativity, energy, and patience. The first step is to come up with a theme or overall concept for the band and to develop costume illustrations for each section of dancers. Costumes are then sewn, decorated, and fitted to each individual dancer. All this creative activity takes place in what most refer as "Mas Camp/Band", as where teamwork and organisation are crucial to creating an Award Winning Production.


The larger costumes are usually more difficult to design and build. Huge frames are created by bending wire into shapes, then covering with paper mache, foam, and other materials. Physics play an important role, as the costume must be able to move and dance across stages and streets, and not fall apart! Many different forms of decorations and materials (natural and man-made) are used to transform the costume into a dream of the mind's eye.

Carnival Benefits

The Peoples World Carnival Band and its Carnival Arts offers Children within the community, a dynamic tool for self-expression and exploration, a tool to seek out their roots, a tool to develop new forms of looking at the World and its Cultures, and finally, a tool to unite and discover what we all have in common, and to celebrate what makes us different. The power and creativity that underlies these art forms can transform lives.