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PWCB Co-Director and Voluntary Link Officer (Community)


Until April 2011 Berkeley was employed by Haringey Council as Network Area South Co-ordinator. In that time Berkeley worked with over 10,000 young people to improve their lives. Known by the young people locally as Uncle Berks or the Godfather. He has worked tirelessly to improve the lives of young people in an area that has faced many challenges over the years. He has been instrumental in uniting the community, with a fearless and uncompromising belief in humanity and a simplistic creed that everyone deserves a second chance, (he never gives up on anyone) encouraging and inspiring a ‘can do’ attitude to everyone he comes in contact with. His passion for youth development is exemplified in the following roles.


He was a key player in the development of Bruce Grove Area Youth Project into the highly acclaimed and award winning Bruce Grove Youth Centre, a state of the art Centre of Excellence for Young People in Tottenham, winning 12 Wow! Awards in 2010/11 for services to the public.


Bruce Grove Area Youth Project has history of successful integration work and pioneered the Bus Stop Club, PHAB Club and Live Wire Club for both local young people and their disabled peer groups.


He has been a school governor at Roger Ascham Primary School for over ten years which has now been Awarded Academy status.


He is a Chair of the Haringey Black Independent Advisor Group (HBIAG). Berkeley is the Co-founder and active member of the Community Against Guns and Knives (CAGK).


He is the Co-Director of People’s World Carnival Band Arts and Media Centre.


Berkeley also leads on Academy of Excellence evening homework club which is part of The 3R Youth Project (Respect, Responsibility & Reasoning), he and Mr Thomas Moyo are the founders of this project.


Since he left Haringey Council in 2011 he has thrown himself into working as a Voluntary Link Officer in the community. He has been involved in everything from homework clubs to sports tournaments to campaigning for Senior Citizens groups.


Failure is not his vocabulary and he believes working together as a team is the key to success.


He is an inspiration to young and old.




• Community Award

Berkeley was presented with this wards for his contribution and support to the Broadwater Farm Community and Youth Development.


• Award Winning Youth Worker

Outstanding youth worker of 2008, for the positive development of young people in 5 London Boroughs.


• Haringey Council Award

In 2009 he was awarded the Certificate of Merit of his youth and community work in Haringey.

Given by the Mayor of Haringey – Councillor Bernice Vanier.


• London Peace Award

September 2011 Berkeley was nominated and duly recognised for his value contribution to peace and justice in London. This award was given by Reverent Nims Obunge MBE and Mayor of London Boris Johnson at City Hall.


• The London 2012 Olympic Games Paralympic Torch Relay (Award)

In March 2012 Berkeley was nominated and shortlisted.

He was confirmed in May 2012 as a Torchbearer to carry the Paralympic Flames to the Paralympic Games Opening Ceremony.

Berkeley was also part of the London Olympic 2012 Team.




• IPCC (Independent Police Complaints Commissioner)

In November 2011 he was nominated by the community representatives to be an advisor to the Independent Police Complaints Commissioner (IPCC) and become a Commissioner Reference Group (CRG) member.


• Ex-It Programme

Youth Leadership Project

Started 03 July 12. Support youth worker.

Aims to integrate young people in work and society.

Lead officer Reverend Nims Obunge MBE.


• Academy of Entrepreneurs and Sporting Excellence

Committee Member/Consultant (AESE)

Government-Free School Scheme

This new school has just been approved by Central Government in 13th July 2011 in Tottenham.


• Newham Outreach Project

Consultant for Youth Development

Started February 2012

The Mix Youth Centre, 1a Cumberland Road, Plaistow, East London


• CSP Ltd Event Management Team for Olympics

Stewarding and Traffic Management for Olympic Events, Royal Ascot and Epsom Race meetings.


Award Photos

Broadwater Farm Community Award Ambition Gold Award Haringey Council Silver Status (20+ years Service)  London Peace Award Outstanding All Award UKYP 2010 Award Extra Mile WOW Award 2009 WOW Award 2008  Paralympics 2012 WOW Award to Bruce Grove Youth Centre 2012 Paralympics Torchbearer Award

Embedded Video of Berkely Gardner - Torchbearer of Paralympics 2012